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Good consulting always begins with a thorough analysis of the status quo, needs and expectations, followed by the development of ideas, strategies and measures. However, the key to success is not idea generation, but execution. This is why our focus is not only on developing tailor-made strategies, but also on backing them up with a concrete implementation plan, taking into account the resources available. 


Definition of goals and scope of the project

We align goals and expectations with you and define the scope of the project.

Evaluation of the

status quo

We analyse your company through interviews / desk research and benchmark it in various dimensions against the relevant competition.

Development of


In workshops with your teams, we develop and evaluate alternative strategies, which are presented to the project board for decision making.

Development of


Together with the respective teams, we define the measures for implementing the agreed upon strategy, including the budget required for execution.

Implementation plan

The approved measures are packed into a concrete and traceable implementation plan.

Without strategy, execution is aimless.

Without execution, strategy is useless.

(Morris Chang)

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