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Creating and building

a new brand


A leading premium brand for kitchen knives was faced with a new competitor, who successfully created a new, higher priced market segment. Due to a brand and product competence related to the country of origin, the new competitor couldn't be attacked. The new segment was of strategic importance and had to be covered.



Acquisition in the competitor's home market. Building a new, authentic brand, with a keen focus on a market leading quality and performance. Developing an attractive product range with constant innovations.


Today this brand is the global No. 2 in this segment and the only foreign company in the market with a significant market share.


Positioning a brand


After an acquisition in a profitable and rapidly growing market niche, the acquired brand had to be positioned and built, in order to compete with a dominant and rapidly growing branded market leader.



The brand positioning was clearly differentiated from the competitor, so that growth could be generated not only by taking market share from the competitor, but growing the market as a whole.


Today this brand is the most sought-after cookware brand for connoisseurs, has tripled brand sales in the last ten years and has significantly reduced the gap in market share to the competitor.


Development of a new

distribution channel


In a global market dominated by strong retail chains, with limited possibilities for an adequate presentation of brands and products at the POS, the dependency on those retailers had to be reduced and the brand presentation improved.



A viable range for B2C business was created through acquisitions and product diversification. New retail concepts were tested and successfully rolled out.


Today the company operates more than 130 own shops in 18 countries.

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